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Morgan Mead
Morgan Mead

My Fitness Points would like to thank you for visiting our website and ask you to join us in creating an amazing online community where people can receive free services and rewards for sharing all about their fitness journey! This community is a place where people can come to view tips, and posts by real people that are trying to live the fitness lifestyle.  We strive to provide people that will motivate visitors to our website and also promote people that we believe deserve it no matter if they are a professional or not in the fitness world.  We encourage you to register so that you can start earning points as well as some extra cash, by doing nothing more than working on your fit lifestyle and sharing all about it with us.  We hope you find some fitness ideas here that you can use and hopefully you will have some things you will share with everyone as well.  The more you post about your fitness and communicate with the people that are in this community the more you will learn and also have to chance to earn.  Thank you and welcome to My Fitness Points we hope you enjoy! Here as some of the features you have by joining us, that a lot of websites will not offer you:

  • Everything is 100% Free – NO HIDDEN FEES PERIOD…..FREE
  • You can create your own profile when you register with us and use your profile just like any other social media account..post pics.. post status updates, post about your day, add basically anything you would like to add.  This is a must if you want your own FREE webpage so we can verify you are who you say you are.  Just a safety procedure for us and you!
  • You can also become one of our “Promoted Users” which basically means that you get your own custom built webpage for free.  Yes that is correct, you can have us put anything on your page you want: live social accounts that update automatically when you post to them, examples: twitter, facebook, instagram, etc., pictures, videos, products, links, etc….basically anything you would like as long as it is legal and not offensive! We also can build custom websites for fitness people that would like to seriously promote themselves on a larger scale and yes that is free also, we own the website, but you may use it as your own to promote yourself, and you can update it on your own as well as blog about yourself.  Please contact us for more information about a professional website, it is free but more complex procedure but still something that we offer for free!
  • You can also blog post to earn some extra cash as well!  You receive this feature once you have registered with us and have an account!  We use wordpress as a back end to help users with their postings, and also with account management.  At anytime you need help with anything please contact us on any social account or on our website contact page!
  • You will earn points for actions on our website which is where the name comes from!  The top ten users of the website are very important when it comes to the profit sharing of the website that we offer!  Please read more on the how to earn page to learn about how this will work!
  • We are trying to provide a community where everyone helps everyone to succeed.  This is our goal as a website and we want to provide as much as possible to help motivate people to become more fit.  We also want to promote people as much as possible to help them on their fitness journeys and help them achieve whatever they are striving for in the fitness world.

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Muscle & Fitness

Muscle & Fitness is your complete workout and diet manual. Get access to killer workouts, fitness inspiration, nutrition tips, and all-around awesome advice.

We have several ways you can earn!

Everyone earns no matter what you want to post about! We want to know what you have to share!

Pictures Count Too!

You earn points as well as cash for every picture you post!  The pictures can be with your post or just posting to your profile, either way you earn!  The more traffic you drive to your profile and posts on the site the more you can potentially earn!

Post about your fitness journey!

Everyone that visits our site will see all about what you do and how you stay in shape for yourself!

Size does not matter here!

Your posts can be a book to a couple words.  We do not care!  As long as you are posting and sharing all about yourself and what you do to accomplish what you want in your fitness journey!

Motivation and Drive is what is takes! That is what we provide with our profit sharing options!

We are driven to make your fitness journey easier and provide you with training and tips to help you succeed!



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