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How do I start earning?

All you have to do to start earning is to register with our website and then start sharing and posting about your fitness lifestyle!

How will I get paid?

You will get paid with a valid PAYPAL account (which you must have for payments) so that everything is completely secure no matter where you are located!  You must also have accumulated a balance of at least $5.00 to receive to payout!

So how much can I earn?

The amount that you can earn is unlimited based on how much you post and share about your fitness life.  We want to see and know everything you do or want to know about?  Post to our twitter, instagram, facebook, pinterest.  Whatever you can come up with to drive traffic to yourself will make you more money!  Period!

Does this cost me anything?

NO, joining and using our website is 100% FREE.  You are paid out of the proceeds we receive from advertisers and other companies that we work with.  The more popular our website becomes the more everyone will be making, Period.  We are sharing the profits with the users of this website and helping to motivate people to continue or start their fitness journeys!  We want a healthier and more fit society, and this is the way we are going to try and push people to do so!  Lets do it together!