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Hello and welcome to my fitness profile on My Fitness Points! I am excited to hopefully inspire some of you to trainer harder and work on your fitness life just as I try to do everyday! I have always enjoyed being active and I know that if you follow me on my journey that you will see what I have to offer you as a very hard working person. I started lifting weights and dedicated myself to this fitness lifestyle and I don’t plan on turning back. I have learnt a lot along the way and know exactly what it takes to get to the top of my game with my training and nutrition. On this journey, I am discovering my true passion in life which is to help others with their health and fitness and to pass on what I have learnt along the way. I want to thank My Fitness Points for giving me the opportunity to try and help others and maybe inspire just one person that comes to my personal webpage. Thank you for visiting my personal page and I hope that you find some fitness tips or tricks that will help you on your journey!

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