Today marks a new year in my life.  This is the year I get to focus on getting back to a healthy weight.  This is the year that I move past all the hurt from family members lost, This is the year I don’t let my ex husband control my life anymore.  This is the year that I take all my past hurt and focus that on improving my life.

This is something that has been manifesting in my life for the past month or so.  I could let one comment someone makes effect my whole day or i can take that one comment and take it in find something i can learn from it and move on.  Why should I do this.


Think of it this way if you have a wallet and I have $1440 in it.  If I lose one dollar from the wallet because someone took it out will i spend the rest of my money to try and get that one dollar back or will pull the other 1439 bucks closer and cherish them a little more.  Same with the comments if a comment takes a minute of my day and there are 60 minutes in each hour and 24 hours in the day its the same number.


Need help focusing on the positive here are a few things to think about trying.

  • Before going to bed write down 5-10 great things that happened that day.
  • Find a way to make people smile (this one will make you smile also)
  • Watch the sunrise in the morning
  • Watch the sunset at night and let the pain of the past go away with the passing of that day.
  • Go work out get angry and take it out on your workout.
  • Meditate
  • Buy yourself a treat(Flowers, new clothes or workout gear you have been looking at)


Getting Back 2 Fit.



One thought on “Day 1- Happy Birthday To Me

  1. This is such a good post….love it! make a lot of sense really! I will be following your journey that is for sure…i love seeing people that want something better and have a goal!

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