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 Fitness is not only something that professionals can be good at.  People that will never become fitness models or fitness professionals can still be amazing at keeping their bodies in great physical condition.  There are a lot of people in the world that are amazing at it.  Here at My Fitness Points we give anyone the chance to get promoted and hopefully become more popular!  Even if you are just starting on your fitness journey we can promote you and you can get motivated from anyone that visits our site and encouragement from the current users to help you stay motivated on your fitness journey.  We would love to see anybodies weight loss journey or just a gym rat and their amazing progress on the weights they lift!  We strive to provide you with a community where motivation and positive thinking is the most important thing no matter where you are in your fitness journey!  If you would like one of these FREE WEBSITES, please join our site, which is FREE and let us know what you would like to accomplish!  We are here to help anyone and everyone we can!  Please check out some of our current free websites we have done below!

Fit Momma
FitMomma716 Official Website

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This could be you! Register To Get Started!

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Coach Rilez Official Website
Coach Rilez Official Website

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This could be you! Register To Get Started!

This could be you! Register To Get Started!

This could be you! Register To Get Started!

This could be you! Register To Get Started!

This could be you! Register To Get Started!

This could be you! Register To Get Started!

This could be you! Register To Get Started!

This could be you! Register To Get Started!

This could be you! Register To Get Started!

This could be you! Register To Get Started!

How to receive a FREE WEBSITE?

All you have to do to receive a FREE WEBSITE is register with our site, which is free, and let us know you would like a free website!

What do I get with a FREE WEBSITE?

With a FREE WEBSITE you get exactly what that entails, a free website.  You must first register with our website which will then create a profile for you.  We need you to upload at least one profile photo.  This is verification that you are indeed who you claim to be.  Once you have done this then please let us know that you would like a website on social media or messaging us on our website.

How much does this cost?

This is 100% Free.  We are one of very few places that will give you your own webpage/website for free and let you tell us what you want on it.  You are free to have us put whatever you want on the website such as..products you sell, all your social media accounts, information about yourself, location, services you offer,..etc.

Can I take the ads off?

No, this is the only thing that we are not allowing people to edit!  We are going to let you suggest where you might like them moved to our placed but it is up to us as a website about where are advertisers really need to go.  They are the reason that we even have a website we can enjoy in the first place.  We are sorry if this causes any problems.  We can however add more advertisers that you may be working with or sponsored by!

What is the idea behind the websites?

We as a website have the idea that if you can bring all of the information about one person, to one place, then someone will hopefully see you and be motivated by what you are working to accomplish!  Motivation and making you more popular and well known is what we are all about!  Fitness and motivation really go hand and hand, that is what we are striving to do!

Who buys and owns the website?

We will take care of all the purchasing and hosting of your website.  You are a loud to choose the name.  (As long as it is able to be purchased, please give us a few different options to choose from).  We also will own the website.  In the future if you decide that you would like to purchase the website from us for some reason then we can work out some type of deal, but there really shouldn’t be a need for that as we are working with you and everything is free.  We want to work together with you to make your website, and you more popular and as good as possible.  The better you become and the more people that you can inspire the better our website will become and be able to help others, which is our goal.  Any questions please just message us!

How do I update my website ?

Well best part about a lot of the features of what we will make for you is that your social accounts will update live right on the site.  You just keep using the social media like you always have and that will give new content to your visitors and people looking to possibly work with you someday.  Other content that you might like added all you need to do is message us somewhere, either on social media or on our contact page and we will get back to you asap.  Social media is really the way to go though.  Just message us on there to get a quicker response! Also you can blog on the website and we can add other functions for you.  Please just give us time to manage and work on your page.  We are doing this for you and need some time to complete such things. Questions?  Please message us!

Live Tips And Information

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We have several ways you can earn!

Everyone earns no matter what you want to post about! We want to know what you have to share!

Pictures Count Too!

You earn points as well as cash for every picture you post!  The pictures can be with your post or just posting to your profile, either way you earn!  The more traffic you drive to your profile and posts on the site the more you can potentially earn!

Post about your fitness journey!

Everyone that visits our site will see all about what you do and how you stay in shape for yourself!

Size does not matter here!

Your posts can be a book to a couple words.  We do not care!  As long as you are posting and sharing all about yourself and what you do to accomplish what you want in your fitness journey!

Motivation and Drive is what is takes! That is what we provide with our profit sharing options!

We are driven to make your fitness journey easier and provide you with training and tips to help you succeed!



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