It’s rather shocking how many people believe that the way to lose body fat is to simply stop eating, WRONG. If you don’t eat enough calories through the day your body goes into a ‘starvation state’, in this state any calories you do eat will be stored as fat to be used as energy because your body doesn’t know when it will be getting a meal again. You do not want to be in this state!

All you need to do to lose body fat is simply eat less calories than you would use throughout the day. This is called a caloric deficit.

For example if my personal goal was to lose body fat, I would find what my maintenance calories which for myself would be 3000. You can find this out simply by googling a calorie calculator, the only information you need is your weight and height.

So if I wanted to put myself into a caloric deficit then I would drop my calories from 3000 to 2700. It may seem like a long and complicated process but once you are used to what you need to eat then you will be fine.

Long story short you must eat a good amount of food to lose weight as long as you are in a deficit.

If you have found any of this helpful then let me know.

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